Sanity by Essations Sensitive Scalp Relaxer 4 lb. / 64 oz.

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Designed to straighten or texture hair without losing the body!
Sanity by Essations Sensitive Scalp Relaxer formula is for clients with sensitive scalps so they too can enjoy soft, silky, frizz-free hair without the irritation associated with conventional relaxers. Enriched with our signature Tri-Lanolin blend and because it is a conditioning relaxer, it deposits conditioners into the hair shaft during the relaxer process. It can be used to completely straighten the hair, or as a texturizer by processing until the desired “S” formation is obtained.

Key Benefits:
Ready to use, eliminating the hassle of mixing
Does not lose its strength
Destroys the idea of having to throw away unused portions
Creamy consistency makes it easy to apply
Revolutionary Lithium/Lime ingredients are very gentle to the hair
Gets hair as straight as any conventional relaxer, with virtually no irritation
Can be used on hair previously processed with sodium or guanidine hydroxide relaxers

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