Jeris Talc Powder (White) 9 oz.

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Clubman Jeris Powder 9.0 ozNon-caking Multi-Purpose Body PowderLike some of the other powders, Clubman Jeris Powder is a non-caking cornstarch-based powder that can be used to absorb moisture, relief itching, and prevent chafing. It has a nice smooth texture that applies evenly and doesn’t clump or build-up even in those sensitive areas. It provides a thin layer of protection, that does its job, without creating any unpleasant after-effects. Ideal for after bath, after hair cuts, or as skin or foot powder.Keep You Dry And Fresh All DayWhether you’re at the gym, or at work, this powder’ability to maintain a dry undercarriage is pretty impressive. It helps fend off sweat, moisture, and bacteria, keeping you fresh, cool, and dry all day. This powder is a simple, yet highly effective solution that every guy should know about! Jeris White Powder has been specifically formulated to help control moisture to keep you cool, calm and irritation-free all day. A unique blend of Cornstarch, Zinc Oxide and Kaolin keep your skin feeling dry and smooth. Combined with the classic Jeris Scent use it after a shower or bath to feel fresh and odor-free all day.Economical, A Little Goes A Long WayThe very fine, smooth texture makes this powder easy to apply and cover a lot of ground. It won’t build up or clump, and you definitely don’t need to use a ton for it to do its thing. It does a great job of alleviating friction on those skin-to-skin areas, and can also help alleviate pre-existing redness and irritation.

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