Indigo No Base Relaxer Regular 4 lb.

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*Conditioning creme relaxer with emollients For Best Results: Analyze hair and scalp Do prelimenary strand test Do not apply relaxer directly to scalp Do not overprocess by exceeding required time limits for completion of both application and smoothing. Directions: For Virgin Hair -Regular Strength 1. Preparation: Examine scalp. Apply protective cream to hairline. Do not shampoo. Part hair into 4 equal parts, wear gloves. 2. Application: Set timer for 8 minutes. Apply Indigo No Base Regular Relaxer 1/4″ from scalp to rear section first, then to front, working outward to hairline. 3. Relaxing: If hair has not relaxed during 8 minutes application time, reset timer for smoothing time as follows: *For fine textured hair, 5 minutes (13 mins. total) *For Medium Textured Hair, 8 minutes (16 mins. total) Never exceed total time limit. 4. Smoothing: Use back of comb. Smooth in same direction of application. Rinse hair thoroughly. 5. Shampooing: Shamppp twice with Indigo Clarifying Clenz Neutralizing Shampoo. Rinse and towel blot dr. 6. Conditioning: Refortify hair by applying a generous amount of Indigo Deep Penetrating Conditioner for 3 to 5 minutes. Rinse thoroughly and follow directions carefully. Retouch: Apply a small of Indigo Deep Penetrating Conditioner to already relaxed hair to protect against overlapping. Follow steps 1 to 6 above.

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