Clubman Pinaud Beard Oil 1 oz.

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Clubman Pinaud Beard Oil is the ultimate moisture balance for your face and beard. Since 1810, men have trusted Clubman Pinaud for their unique grooming needs. Beard growth and maintenance can be somewhat complex, but Clubman beard oil makes it easy to keep beards soft and skin comfortable with just a few precious drops. It features special blend of three natural oils to condition and shine your beard and to soothe and calm the skin beneath. The combination of macadamia, moringa, and kukui nut oil soothes, moisturizes, and invigorates your skin and facial hair. The richly hydrating oils soften your beard, adding light shine and moisture, as well as prevents itching and flaking caused by new hair growth. The bead care oil features a classic masculine scent that adds a subtle, light fragrance. For deeper conditioning, combine with Clubman 2-in-1 Beard Conditioner. Each bottle contains 1 Oz; additional Clubman products are sold separately.

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