Clipp-Aid Blade Sharpening Crystals For Clippers

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A revolutionary sharpening product called Clipp-Aid was created specifically for professionals in the hair care industry. This product’s patented crystals allows the maximization of trimmer and clipper blade sharpness. Clipp-Aid allows stylists and barbers to sharpen metal clipper and trimmer blades at their stations in less than 2 minutes. Instructions: 1. Shake container well before use. Blades must be clean and dry before sharpening. 2. Place 2 SMALL SCOOPS of crystals in the pouch provided. 3. Tunr ON clippers. Submerge the cutting point of the blade into the crystals. 4. Move the blade back and forth, side to side in the crystals for 45 to 60 SECONDS. Observe blades cut crystals into a fine powder having a lighter color. 5. Turn OFF clippers. Properly clean and oil clipper blades. 6. Oil blades regularly while using Clipp-Aid.

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