CB Smoothe Clarifying Shampoo 32 oz.

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CB Smoothe’s Clairifying Shampooo is the professional’s ideal companion. Use Clarifying Shampoo whenever heavy metals need to be neutralized, especially as a first sudsing when rinsing chemical relaxer from hair. Removes the impure elements present in tap water and hard water which may cause dulllness, dryness and lead to posssible breakage. Cllarifying Shampoo thoroughly cleanses and removes these harmful elements from the hair, leaving it in good condition and restoring its natural shine. Clarifying Shampoo is also effective in removing medications from hair prior to application of color. Directions: Wet hair. Apply enough Clarifying Shampoo to make a rich lather. Massage into hair and salp. Rinse. Repeat if desired. Rinse again thoroughly.

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