Amore Colore Illuminante Highlighting Cream 15.9 oz.

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Charcoal lightener lifts to 10 levels Contains soothing & conditioning Olive Oil. This is a charcoal lightening paste that will lift up to 10 levels on virgin hair. It contains pure Olive Oil to sooth the scalp.while protecting and conditioning every strand of hair. The creamy consistency adheres to the hair and insures that it will penetrate the thickest hair totally and uniformly. It allows an even and consistent lifting action while protecting the hair and scalp. It mixes quickly and applies effortlessly to assist in a speedy and more professional application. There is almost no odor while it remains very moist in the bowl for an extra- long time. It uses a vegetable charcoal black powder to control any warm brassy undertones or yellow tones. Hair is left soft silky and shiny. It can be used on the scalp with 10 and 20 volume developer and off the scalp with 30 and 40 volume developers. It can be used as a traditional powder bleach with the soothing olive oil in it for partial or complete hair lightening on or off the scalp.

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