Amore Colore Creativi Mixable Direct Dyes Purple 3.4 oz.

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Semi Permanent
No Ammonia
No Peroxide
Cruelty Free
Gluten Free
Olive Oil Conditioner
Made in Italy

Facts about Amore Colore Creativi Mixable Direct Dyes
Colors do not need to be mixed with anything—no peroxide and no activator
Semi-Permanent, Vegan, No Ammonia, Gluten Free, No PPD, No MEA, Eco Friendly
Colors Stay Longer than any other direct dye on the market today but remember that the sun and chlorine in pool water will help to fade direct dyes sooner
Extend the life of your color with AC Nutritive Shampoo & Nutritive Mask at home
Generally, colors slowly fade to their original tone
All Colors can be mixed to create custom colors for individual Clients
Applies very easy and is absorbed quickly on all hair types (even on wigs)
All Colors are vibrant and shiny due to the highest grade of hair color pigments and dye molecules mixed in our unique Italian Olive Oil Base
All Colors are uniquely conditioning due to our Olive Oil Base which is an antioxidantand helps to promote healthy hair growth
Bleeding is not a challenge with Creativi—just use your normal judgement to leave the lightest parts for last before rinsing and after processing
Removal is quick and easy with 1/2 Amore Colore Bleach and 1/2 AC Nutritive Shampoo
Can be used on extensions and wigs
CLEAR Diluter can be used alone as a Glossing Service to add body & shine to the hairand to extend a Hair Color Service by sealing in the hair color.
Directions are in English, Spanish & French on each package
All Colors made in Italy to guarantee there is no animal testing and everything is done to the highest of standards
Full 100ml tube—3.4oz to give you more color in our tube to save you money

Creativi Mixing Tips:
Red + Yellow= Orange
Red + Blue= Violet (violet is more blue and purple is more red)
Red + Clear= Pink
Red + Purple= Fuchsia
Blue + Yellow= Green
Purple + Clear = Lavender
Blue + equal Green= Aqua
Blue + extra Green= Teal

Effects of our Colors on your mind:
Blue — Calming & Easing the Mind Purple — Sensuality
Green — Reduces Stress & Heals Orange — Stimulates the mind
Red — Stimulates your heart rate Yellow — Improves your mood
Pink — Reduces Anxiety

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