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Amore Colore Blackplex Bleaching Powder with Bond Protector 1 oz.

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Amore Colore Blackplex Bleach can be used on the scalp with 10 or 20 volume developers and off the scalp with 30 or 40 volume developers. Our bleaches do not swell, are dust free, and have minimal odor and itching. Our formula is completely dedusted for safety in the dispensary. 10 + Levels of Lift. Innovative ultimate BLACK color to combat brassy tones while lifting.

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CB Smoothe MRC Conditioner 16 fl. oz.

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Maxi Rebound Conditioner
Stops Hair Breakage
Corrects Damaged Hair
Improves Relaxing, Straightening, Tinting, and Bleaching

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CB Smoothe Wild Jamaican Loc & Twist Serum 4 oz. / 116 ml

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Great for Locs, Set or Twist Hair
Adds Shine & Protection
No Frizz & No Flaking
Use Loc & Twist Serum on wet or dry hair.

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Amore Colore Peroxide Cream Mango Papaya Enzyme Developer 7 Volume 33.8 oz.

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•Stabilized with Mango
Papaya Enzymes to keep
developer at its full volume
strength for up to 2 years
•Enhanced conditioning

20 vol – 1-2 Levels of lift – 35 minutes

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CelluCotton® Reinforced Coil #44053 3 lbx.

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One of the best selling coils for perms, CelluCotton® Beauty Coil catches drips and absorbs excess perm solution with naturally soft, highly absorbent rayon fibers. CelluCotton® is the best way to protect clients’ skin, eyes, and clothing. For added strength and faster absorption, try Reinforced CelluCotton®.

Catches drips and absorbs excess perm solution.
Naturally soft.
Highly absorbent rayon fibers.
Protects client’s skin, eyes, and clothing.
Trusted by professionals.

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Summit® Sensitive Scalp® Base Crème 13 oz.

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Summit® Sensitive Scalp® Base Crème is designed for professional use only. This is the ideal base to help clients with sensitive scalp be more comfortable during chemical relaxing and straightening. The soothing ingredients in this base mean that you will be able to apply relaxers and straighteners more evenly and achieve better results.

Sensitive Scalp® Base Crème should be applied to the scalp, forehead, ears, nape of the neck and along the hairline thoroughly. The product should be allowed to set for 3 – 4 minutes before applying relaxer or straightener products. Please use caution and follow relaxer or straightener directions for use.

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Summit Sensitive Scalp Base Creme 3.9 lbs.

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Summit Sensitive Scalp Creme is the ideal base to aid your patrons with sensitive scalps. The soothing ingredients help keep the patron comfortable and thus allows for more even chemical relaxing and straightening. Can be used for all types of relaxers and straighteners; no-based and no-lye.

Directions: Apply the creme to the scalp, forehead, ears, nape of neck and hairline thoroughly. Let product set for 3 to 4 minutes before applying relaxer or straightener. Caution should be taken to carefully follow relaxer or straightener directions for use.

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Clairol Professional Premium Creme Permanente 3RR Medium Reddest Brown 2 oz.

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Get gorgeous, reflective color with Clairol Professional Permanent Cream Hair Color. It features a unique deep-conditioning Soy Complex that delivers highly reflective shine. This crème hair color nourishes and smooths as it colors for deeply conditioned, healthy-looking hair.

100% gray coverage
Deep conditioning
Reflective shine
Long-lasting results
Natural-looking dimensional results
Mix with dedicated developer

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