Is your Protective Style really protecting your hair?

When you think of the words “protective styles” what comes into mind?

It could be:

1. Braids

2. Crochet styles

3. Weaves

4. Wigs

All are beautiful styles that give you a break from the daily styling.

But has the question ever came into your mind..

“Is this protective style really protecting my hair?”

The answer to this question is going to be alarming. The answer is no.

Shocking I’m sure!

Protective styles are marketed as protective styles for a reason…convenience.

Let’s look at a couple of scenarios:

A. The busy Mom with children needing a style to help her get out the house faster in the morning so she installs braids in her daughter’s hair.

She leaves them in for 2 months without properly cleansing her hair while they are installed. Once she takes them out it leads to more breakage.

Sound familiar?

Let’s do one more:

B. A lady gets a sew in weave installation. She invested $500 for the hair not including the money for the cut and color. To make her hairline look more natural she also allows the cosmetologist to install a frontal lace closure.

Protecting her “investment” she leaves the style in her hair for 2 to 3 months without proper maintenance. As she takes off the closure, she realizes some her hair was stuck to it. Now her edges is are thinning and are coming out in places. 

These scenarios are 2 of thousands of cases that can lead to more damaging results.

Let’s keep in mind that they both were labeled as “protective styles”.

What were they actually protecting?

Before we go any further let’s look at the word Protect .

Webster dictionary defines Protect as:

to cover or shield from exposure, injury, damage, or destruction;

to maintain the status or integrity

The hair is being covered or shielded by placing a weave, braid, or wig on the hair yes, but, the second part of the definition is not being done.

” ..from exposure, injury, damage, or destruction; to maintain the status or integrity.”

Let’s further explain.

Your scalp is meant to be cleansed and moisturized. Some styles prevent the scalp from being accessed causing irriation, dryness, and scalp issues that lead to breakage.

A way to cleanse the scalp while wearing braids is to apply a capful of NouriTress‘ Stimulating Scalp Shampooor HydraCleanse Sulfate Free Shampoo in an applicator bottle with water or directly on a wet towel. Massage the product into the scalp with a towel using friction to cleanse the scalp and then remove the excess product with a clean towel. After cleansing the scalp, apply the Perfect Hair Leave In Botanical Reconstructor to the hair to seal in the conditioning properties into the scalp area.

Another way to maintain the hairlines in styles were the full scalp may be covered in the cases of quick weaves or full sew- in weaves is to apply the Perfect Hair Follicle Therapy to the scalp areas that can be accessed. This treatment is used to boost hair regrowth, strengthen hair roots, improve scalp circulation, promote follicle stimulation, reduce scalp inflammation and assist with new hair growth.

Also, the Edge Repair Follicle Treatment Intensive Night Drops can be applieddirectly to the edges to help reduce scalp inflammation, strengthens and prevents hair loss naturally. The properties also helps to stimulate, and nourish weak hair follicles.

Instead of calling a protective style by the name protective style, say that you are wearing a weave, wig, or braids.

The style is giving you a break from daily combing yes, but, to truly protect your hair  you have to use products formulated in protection of your hair. NouriTress’ products are catered to the maintenance that your hair needs by to helping maintain the integrity of your hair’s health.

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